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Tsuruga castle light up 2022


Tsuruga castle light up 2022


Tsuruga castle light up 2022

The light up of Tsuruga Castle has updated more  spring-like on 2022.

​Added interactive lighting arts.

Tsuruga castle light up on autumn

While vividly illuminating the autumn foliage in the historic site, the road leading to the stone wall is produced with the light of autumn colors.

​ We also created light art with the motif of the ear of rice, a specialty of Aizu.

Yahiko park "Momiji" light up ~Approach of light~

Yahiko Park in Yahiko Village, Niigata Prefecture. Responsible for the design of night lighting in the park where the autumn leaves spread.
It became a spot for autumn leaves where you can experience being surrounded by the autumn leaves that emerge in the light. The road leading to Yahiko Shrine in the park leads the park with lighting as the approach to light.

Tsuruga castle light up on spring 

We proposed and implemented light art based on the traditional crafts of Aizu, including the illumination of the cherry blossoms in the 1000 cherry blossom historic sites and the solid stone walls, the production of the light plaza.

Sky Tower West Tokyo (Tanashi Tower) Tanabata special light up

The lighting fixtures were temporarily installed in the areas where there is no light up, and it was like a large band of light.

Edo Tokyo Tatemonoen Autumn leaves and Tatenomono illuminated

Worked on preparing fixture and construction support. Illuminated the characteristic parts of the sea and the autumn leaves in full bloom.

Nerima Lantern Festival Harvest of Light

Illuminate the iconic trees in the park.

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